Article 6 Paris Climate Agreement

When his country became known for its role in disrupting proceedings, Thiago de Araujo Mendes, Brazil`s Secretary for Climate Change and Forests, wrote a letter to the Guardian towards the end of COP24 defending his country`s position on double counting. The text of Article 6.4 also states that the COP will ensure that a “revenue share” “shall assist parties in developing countries that are particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change to cover the costs of adaptation” (as well as “cover administrative costs”). “In practice, it is very difficult to establish a clear link between the ability to buy cheap emission credits and a country`s willingness to commit to strengthening the fight against climate change. In addition to the obligation to promote sustainable development and ensure the integrity of the environment, the application of Article 6(2) also requires transparent processes and accurate accounting of emission reductions achieved. The latter objective is to prevent emission reductions from being taken into account more than once, for example in the environmental assessment of the country where climate protection has taken place and the country where the emission reductions have been transferred. Update 23.12.2019: At the COP25 climate summit held in Madrid in December 2019, negotiators failed to agree on Article 6 rules, despite considerable progress. To understand what happened at COP25 and how the Article 6 negotiations unfolded, see the detailed summary of the discussions.