Employee Agreement Covid 19

The IFA is a written agreement used by an employer and an employee to modify the effect of certain clauses of their agreement. It is used to enter into other agreements that meet the needs of the employer and the worker and that may include changes to regular rosters and work schedules. Working as usual can be difficult for employers and workers due to the effects of COVID-19. Employers and workers may want flexible working arrangements during this period (e.g. B departure times modulated in order to avoid peak hours for public transport). The parties should discuss these issues and agree on agreements in good faith. These changes can be temporary or permanent. The duration of this modification must be indicated in the modification of the employment contract. This means that workers, whether they work from home or from their place of work, must receive at least the minimum wage, or higher, if the rate of their employment contract is higher. When an employee works (either at home or in a workplace), they must be paid at their agreed rate of pay for each hour they work. This rate must not be lower than the minimum wage. Some employers and workers may agree to reduce the number of hours during COVID 19 alert levels.

This could be a temporary or permanent reduction. The duration of this amendment must be indicated in writing in the amendment to the employment contract. An employer cannot change an employee`s job description without the worker`s consent. In some situations where a worker is unable to perform their existing work, an employer may propose that the worker do other work. This could be a temporary change until the employee can return to their existing job. Any agreed amendment to the employment contract must be recorded in writing….