Evanston Model Lease Agreement

22-0-89) Yes, a landlord can charge a tenant a late fee if the rent was received after the due date. A rental agreement or lease is an important document that can address important issues relating to the lease agreement, such as: Essential non-compliance: non-compliance with the law or regulation, including the City of Evanston Residential Landlord-Tenant Ordinance and the BOCA Property Maintenance Code, adopted in accordance with section 5-1-1 of this Title, or the requirements or findings of a Community Development Inspector in Department Control and/or the Ministry of Health and/or Firefighters if this increases the risk to the lessor or tenant or affects the rights and well-being of the lessor or tenant. Non-compliance may result in termination of the lease. This can only include one case of non-compliance if it is a substantial or repeated minor infringement. If you want to rent your apartment or house in the city of Evanston, this lease is very convenient….