Spring & Summer Services

Lawn Care Packages

Seasonal Grass Cutting and Trimming usually begins 1st week in May and runs to last week in September. Using professional commercial grade equipment, Yardscape can provide spring and summer yard care packages to suit every budget. Contact us today to learn more!

Basic Service

Packages START at $625 for the season* and include:

  •  Cut lawn areas once per week (weather permitting)
  •  Trim grass edges weekly

Premium Service

Packages START at $750 for the season* and include:

  •  Cut lawn areas once per week (weather permitting) 
  •  Trim grass edges weekly
  •  3 Fertilizer applications (Spring, Summer, & Fall)
  •  2 Weed control applications on lawn areas

No interest monthly payments can be arranged for seasonal* services.

Less than Full Season cutting and trimming can be arranged for vacation coverage or other shorter term needs. Pricing depends on duration of requirement and size of the property to be cut. Please Contact Us for details.

All prices are for standard size residential 50’x100’ lot size. Contact us to request a quote on oversized lots.

Individual Services

  • Aerate - $75
  • Power Rake & Vacuum - $100 (average sized lot)
  • Fertilizer Application - $65 (single application)
    $50 (when combined with another service)
    $150(seasonal package of 3 applications
    spring, summer, & fall)
  • Weed Conrol Application - Price depends on size of area to be sprayed Contact Us for a quote

Yard Clean

  • Rake & remove leaves, twigs, small branches, minor debris and haul away - $125 per hour (minimum 1.5 hours)


  • System start-up, minor repairs, fall blow-outs - Pricing dependent on number of nodes. Contact Us


  • Price is based on broadcast or slit-seeder method chosen and size of area – Contact Us for a quote

All prices are for standard size residential 50’x100’ lot size. Contact us to request a quote on oversized lots.

Should I Power Rake - FAQs

Healthy Roots = Healthy Green Lawn = Beautiful Property

Over time, lawns can begin to deteriorate for many reasons. Insect damage, weed infestation, drought and traffic can all cause lawns to suffer. Many homeowners believe the only solution is to replace the existing turf with new sod. The effort and cost associated with lawn replacement is in many cases, prohibitive, but fortunately there is another alternative. With a few basic lawn restoration techniques, use of fertilizer, grass seed and proper watering a lawn can be restored to its original condition.

A beautiful lawn adds to curb appeal and increases property value.

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What is the difference between Lawn Trimming and Edging?

Trimming the lawn makes horizontal cuts to eliminate grass and weeds in areas in which your mower can’t reach or wherein it is able to injure plants. Trimmers generally use heavy nylon string that rotates in a circular motion, parallel to the ground. Trimming is generally done every time or every second time a lawn is mowed.

Edging makes vertical cuts that define walkways, islands, borders, and flower beds. Edgers use short metal blades similar to a lawn mower blade, positioned perpendicular to the ground. Edging is generally done once per season in the spring but can be done a second time in late summer.

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Over-Seed to Crowd out Weeds

Over-seeding is a process where grass seed is applied over existing grass in order to fill in bare patches and create a thicker lush lawn. This can be done using a broadcast spreader or a machine called a slit seeder (picture above). The slit seeder makes small slices into the turf and deposits grass seeds into the slits thereby improving seed to soil contact which is essential for seed germination.

A thick healthy lawn will choke out weeds and minimize the need for herbicide treatments.

Lawn Over-seeding – Prices vary depending on size of the property and area to be seeded.

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Core Aeration

Lawn aeration involves the removal of small soil plugs or cores from the lawn. This is done mechanically with a specific machine which is equipped with hollow tines mounted on a disk or drum. Known as a core aerator, it extracts 1/2 to 3/4 inch diameter cores of soil and deposits them on your lawn. Aeration holes are typically 1-3 inches deep and 2-6 inches apart. Core aeration is a recommended lawn care practice on compacted, heavily used turf and to control thatch buildup.


  1. Reduce soil compaction
  2. Penetrating heavy thatch
  3. Allows water and nutrients to more efficiently reach roots
  4. Enhance root growth
  5. Enrich soil surface
  6. Decreasing water run-off
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Payment Methods:

Payment for seasonal services is required prior to each month end. GST will be added to all prices. Yardscape accepts:

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